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 About Monica Dixon, VA 

Administrative Support ~ My Superpower
  • Highly Organized

  • Detail-Oriented

  • Effective Multitasker

  • Able to keep multiple plates spinning 

  • Eagle-Eye

  • Efficient

  • Dependable


These are all ways I've been described my whole life. This list of qualities may sound boring to the go-getters and dreamers of the world, but a good leader will recognize the value of having someone like this on their team because there is tedium to tend to and someone has to do it. 


I am that someone. I find great satisfaction in doing the things that others find mundane and monotonous. I've done this for a wide variety of institutions, including: 


  • travel agency

  • insurance agency

  • law firm

  • title company

  • tanning salon

  • retail clothing store

  • church staff

  • preschool and child care programs

  • non-profit organizations

  • corporate telecommunications giant

  • small local businesses




I love new challenges, too, so I tend to spend my "free time" learning new skills to expand my ability to offer support in new areas. Tell me what you need help with and let's have a conversation.

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